SMART Queers Play Party

  • Cleveland Playspace Cleveland, OH United States


SMART's Cleveland Play Space
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Dress code:

Whatever (or nothing) in the space/Grandma appropriate outside


Yes, it's more than just another munch... SMART Queers is hosting a Queer play party!

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm from out of town. I need a place to stay after the party but don't have much money.

There is some couch/floor/bed space in the homes of Cleveland partygoers ... and the Cleveland Hostel is nearby and inexpensive.

This is a queer party. What does that mean? Am I welcome? Is my partner welcome?

All lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgendered, genderqueer (and gender-fluctuating/non-binary gendered/bi-gendered/etc) people are welcome, as are their partners. You're also welcome if you're in the midst of questioning your gender or orientation. Others: we love you and look forward to seeing you at a regular SMART party, but tonight, we'd like to have a brief time just for us.