March Karaoke Slosh

  • The Clubhouse 6365 Pearl Rd Cleveland, OH 44130 USA


Sort of near Cleats and the intersection of Pearl/42 and Stumph. Look for a faded facade that looks like a strip joint (I am not kidding).


$-$$ dive bar food/drink prices

Dress code:

Casual, vanilla friendly


It's been too long! To the Clubhouse we go!

For those who haven't been, The Clubhouse in Parma (well, technically Cleveland) serves up karaoke, cheap drinks, and great Eastern European food, and has become one of our favorite locations for a fantastic time on a Saturday night.

They don't seem to have an official website, but check them out on, the ambiance matters a lot less under bar lighting!
The Clubhouse Cleveland

Come prepared with an appetite...they really do serve up some of the best paprikash around and they are kind on the wallet!

If you're new and not likely to recognize "us" from just walking in, ask for Rowan and those in the know will help you find our table.

Basic rules:

Please, no drinking if you are under legal age. No, I will NOT buy you a beer to get around that. Also, some bars restrict entrance to 21 and over, so please check in advance if this applies to you.

Please no spanking or otherwise playing with each other at the event. It's hard to explain to the staff.

Please don't do anything else that will get you (or us) kicked out, or otherwise make them not want us back.