July SMART TNG Munch

  • Mustard Seed Market Cafe 867 West Market Street Akron, OH, 44303 United States


Private board room--located upstairs near the café


Free... Bring money if you want food, coffee, drinks...

Dress code:

Vanilla appropriate


Summer is here already and we've got TNG planning (and socializing) to do!

Since downtown and even some of the Cleveland suburbs are likely to be a mess this month with the RNC, we're meeting in Akron this time around.


We will be meeting at the Mustard Seed Market in Highland Square (Akron area), a good location for those of you further south and one that is definitely far away from any early RNC shenanigans (it's a week before things start, but who knows).

We've rented out the "board room" in the cafe upstairs, allowing for privacy and the opportunity to order whatever you want off the menu, or nothing at all.

Food & Drink

Mustard Seed Cafe offers a wide range of health-conscious options, including entrees, brunch items, sandwiches, smoothies, specialty coffee, and adult beverages. You can check out the menu for this location here.