TNG Play Party & Sensation Stations

  • Cleveland Play Space

So here we are, and not just a party but A SENSATION STATIONS PARTY!

What is sensation stations you may ask? Wellllll from 8:00pm - 10:00pm we will have areas set up for people to experience different kinks. At this point we have planned

Knives (Sharp things)
Impact (Hitty things)
Floggers (MORE Hitty things)
Quills (Pokey things)
Spanking (Wait? More Hitty things?)
Needles (Even more pokes)
and Fire (Burny things)

From 10:00pm - 2:00am will just be our standard play party shenanigans, and we expect everybody who is able to be there and to have an absolute blast!

Please remember SmartTNG is for peoples ages 19-35 years of age and their partners!