One of Ohio's longest-running BDSM education organizations, OhioSMART was founded in 1995, and hosts munches, demos, play parties and more, every month!  Affordable and open to people of all genders, D/s types, sexual orientations, races, and ages 21+ (some events 19+)... Come join us!



My name is Reverend Deborah Harrison but I am known as Lady D. I am a Lifestyle Domina and an ordained minister. I am also a certified master hypnotherapist and I truly believe in holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. For almost fourteen years I ran (People Exchanging Power), P.E.P Atlanta a BDSM pansexual support and social group in Atlanta Georgia and in 2001, I created PEP4POC (People Exchanging Power for People of Color).  I also helped to re-launch the Onyx Pearls Southeast, a women's sorority focused on female camaraderie, empowerment, community awareness and service. My personal commitment is to help make this communitystronger and to continue Jill Carter's philosophy of Each One, Teach One.  If there is any way that I can serve, I offer myservices to you.  Remember to give your time, your money and your love to all of those in this community that selflessly give to you. I am eternally grateful to those who have helped me on my journey and now I would like the opportunity to pass if forward.  

"Keep LOVE in the Lifestyle"