One of Ohio's longest-running BDSM education organizations, OhioSMART was founded in 1995, and hosts munches, demos, play parties and more, every month!  Affordable and open to people of all genders, D/s types, sexual orientations, races, and ages 21+ (some events 19+)... Come join us!


Rape Play, or where "no" means "yes!"

Do fantasies of being tied up and violated by a stranger in a dark alley get you excited? Do you want to be a teacher abusing his power to get sexual favors from his students? If you've ever been curious about fantasies of rape and consensual non-consent - as the victim or aggressor - learn about how to make your dreams/nightmares come true. From logistical considerations to discussing different scenarios to tripping over landmines, this class will present the fundamentals for negotiating and executing a rape play scene.