One of Ohio's premier BDSM education organizations, OhioSMART was founded in 1995, and hosts munches, demos, play parties and more, every month!  Affordable and open to people of all genders, D/s types, sexual orientations, races, and ages 21+ (some events 19+)... Come join us for BDSM training in Cleveland!

What has the Board been doing?

Dear OhioSMART members,

We realize that because we are quite an active group, it's hard to keep up with everything we have going on-not just our events, but all the behind-the-scenes details that the board works on between events. We wanted to keep you all informed of some of what we're working on-everything from planning events to administrative details.

Since our last post like this on September 1, the board has:

  • Helped arrange/facilitate/organize the September thru January events listed in this post (if you don't want to click, it includes the First Friday, Third Saturday events which includes SMART Beginnings and Newcomers Orientation, SMARTies, sloshes, karaoke, munches, outings, a TNG party, Fetish Flea, 2 Members Only Parties,  and our annual Holiday Party)
  • Started planning annual KDM event (details forthcoming soon!)
  • Started building and re-designing the OhioSMART and KDM websites
  • Created new OhioSMART logos
  • Started updating and writing policies and procedures
  • Received and responded to constant emails from new potential members and current members
  • Attended monthly board meetings to handle administrative details like: switching over the officers on the incorporation paperwork and bank account, updating its website hosting, working on new monthly event reporting forms, streamlining the registration process at events, booking presenter travel and hotel rooms, organizing the pre-educational event dinners, planning some special events, discussing which intensives would be good to host, and determining which volunteer positions should be made official committees
  • Held PSM training
  • Implemented a new volunteer tracking system
  • Purchased a new coffee pot, hot water kettle, and coat rack
  • Cleaned up after all the parties that have taken place, sometimes staying an hour after close
  • Reorganizing our Storage room for better use
  • Continued negotiations with the space owner for some possible upcoming events
  • Started work on charity drives for our SMARTGives program, which included fundraising to support The Gathering Place a supports breast cancer survivors and a personal care items drive for the NEOCH for the Norma Herr Women's Shelter
  • Recovered missing items from our space with the help of our membership
  • Procured and provided the SMART Merch that was requested by our membership
  • Designed and created an OhioSMART pin to celebrate our 20th annaversary
  • And even more!

As always we invite members who are interested in helping OhioSMART do more let us know by sending an email to info@ohiosmart.org. Currently we are looking for volunteers for ongoing committee work in these areas:

  • First Friday and Third Saturday tear down crew
  • First Friday and Third Saturday set up crew
  • SMART Marketing and Communications
  • SMART Policies and Governance (this is for people with experience writing and revising policies, procedures, and bylaws)

So if you, members, upon review, feel that something has been missed here, that doesn't mean your concern isn't being addressed. In some cases, the volume of what is regularly required to run the organization and the sensitive nature of some of the tasks can't be doled out to other volunteers means certain goals get delayed.

And none of this list accounts for any of the board members having day jobs, partners, families, friendships, or other non-kink hobbies and interests. We thank you for your support and your patience. Every member of the board has a vested interest in the success of our organization, and we are doing our best to get a long list of things done to keep bringing you the parties and education you want!

In Service,
Your OhioSMART Board of Directors
Contact Us by email: info@ohiosmart.org  
  or join our group on FetLife.

Hours: First Fridays 9pm-1am, Third Saturdays 7.30pm to 2am