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SMARTies meeting - Box Tie Workshop w/The Monkey King

  • Cleveland Play Space (map)

Box Tie Workshop w/The_Monkey_King and class assistants: CahyaMonster and Sable_Sin


The Box Tie, and the huge variety of ways we can modify it.

The TK, the takate kote, or the box tie as it’s commonly referred to seems to be one of the more recognizable of the eastern style shibari type ties. It’s pretty, it’s traditional (at least after the last decade or two), and it’s got more people doing drills to get better at it than nearly anything else. However, everybody, and every body is different. Different needs require a rethought on process, and an evaluation of why we’re doing what we’re doing, and how we might do it differently if we wanted to improve some portion of our play with a particular partner.

In this class we’re going to pick things apart, discuss what works for us, figure out our options, and learn how to think about what we’re doing so we can pick the best options for our partner. There is no one method that works for everyone. However, there are a variety of safe, viable options to pick from that can help you reach the next stage of your journey.


The Monkey King

Ever learning and evolving, this monkey's ongoing mission: to spread knowledge, wherever it may be lacking; to seek out kinksters, lifestylers, and leather families, wherever they may be; to boldly improve his mind, to train, study, apprentice, and master those things that he can.

The Monkey King has helped provide a number of educational opportunities for the community covering a variety of topics along with the help of the Guilty Pleasures Stage Show. He has a passion for education, which manifests regularly through classes, private lessons, and group teaching scenarios. For over two decades, he has been teaching on a variety of topics including the martial arts and percussion. Within the last several years, his focus has turned toward things kinky and will continue in that direction as long as there are people who wish to learn.

Remember to bring:
-A good attitude
-Willingness to learn, share, and be a part of the community
-Rope, if you have some(we do have some to share)
-Comfy clothes(or not)
-Valid, state-issued identification

Since this is a longer event, bringing snacks/food to share are encouraged, but not required. We will have a break or two to refresh, re-hydrate, and nosh.

SMARTies meetings are open to anyone 19 and older and no membership is needed. We aim to be an fun, education-based group focused on teaching, sharing, and exploring the fascinating world of rope, open to ALL levels of experience.

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March First Friday
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