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SMARTies meeting - “A Package Deal: Tying it Together from Both Sides” w/ Linworth & JuniperW

  • Cleveland Play Space (map)

Join us at SMARTies for a very special extended program: “A Package Deal: Tying it Together from Both Sides” w/Linworth and class assistant: JuniperW.

Please be prompt, as this event has much to cover.

This workshop focuses on the being-tied side of rope will offer all levels of bottoms and tops useful information to build their skills with. The information is presented in a progressive fashion, one section building on the other for a complete understanding of content.

The content will include practical application topics like risk awareness and negotiations, ranging up to more complex areas like building body awareness, troubleshooting, and social constructs. Lecture, hands-on, and discussion sections will cover a wide range of subjects, cumulatively lending themselves towards an enhanced experience in rope from both sides.

Event guidelines

  • Responsible photography policy is in effect. The presenter and assistant insist that no photos be taken of them.
  • Please bring a blanket or comfortable item to sit on the floor with(some mats are available), as well as a few hanks of rope.
  • A partner is recommended for some of the hands-on exercises, however it is not mandatory for attendance.

Tentative outline:

Group Intros
Practical topic survey: safety and risk
Tying skills for the tied
Building Body Awareness

  • Overview lecture
  • Floor work lab

Practical topic survey: negotiations & consent
Social Constructs
Ethics and advocacy
Facilitated Q&A top/bottom exchange
Workshop group takeaways


Linworth is a bottoming, self-tying, performing, behind-the-scenes-organizing rope fiend. Currently based in Grad School Purgatory, Ohio, she has traveled the continent spreading the gospel of rope, and cultivating her own education and friendships therein.

Most of her experience is based around the being-tied side of rope, with a strong focus on social topics and general how-to in her teachings. Ever the scholar and dangerously curious, she is constantly dreaming up ways to think about rope using a multidisciplinary approach to class content. Her evolving interests currently center around ethics and social dynamics, as well as integrating mind/body practice into rope execution from both sides.

To even things out, she also performs every chance organizers will give her, serves as Special Events Coordinator for ROPECRAFT, and generally does her best to be a good friend to people. Community really is the heart of it all for her, and she works tirelessly to further its and education’s mission in rope.

JuniperW has been an avid rope lover since she went on a 'rope-ride' at a Halloween fetish party in Columbus, Ohio in 2016. She prefers floor work, and enjoys gentle, sensual rope as well as more goofy, silly encounters. She also has quite the soft spot for leg torture. She has been primarily tied by her keeper the Lady Larkspur, but has slowly started expanding to work with other rope enthusiasts. She is also learning how to self tie!

As a general kinkster, JuniperW is more comfortable on the submissive side of the slash, but is continuously learning and exploring. She has recently been investigating D/s energy through tea service. Topics of great interest to her are inclusive language, shifting definitions and images of what rope play can be, expanding equity between persons who tie and persons who like to be tied, and anything related to Star Trek. She is very devoted to rope education and is thrilled to be contributing to its efforts.

Remember to bring:
-A good attitude
-Willingness to learn, share, and be a part of the community
-Rope, if you have some(we do have some to share)
-Comfy clothes(or not)
-Valid, state-issued identification

Since this is a longer event, bringing snacks/food to share are encouraged, but not required. We will have a break or two to refresh, re-hydrate, and nosh.

SMARTies meetings are open to anyone 19 and older and no membership is needed. We aim to be an fun, education-based group focused on teaching, sharing, and exploring the fascinating world of rope, open to ALL levels of experience.

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