One of Ohio's premier BDSM education organizations, OhioSMART was founded in 1995, and hosts munches, demos, play parties and more, every month!  Affordable and open to people of all genders, D/s types, sexual orientations, races, and ages 21+ (some events 19+)... Come join us for BDSM training in Cleveland!

General Info

We are so pleased to see you have taken a step in exploring our organization, OhioSMART.  

OhioSMART is one of the oldest and largest continuously running BDSM organizations in the state of Ohio and throughout the country. We understand taking this first step can be somewhat intimidating, a little scary and quite exciting all at the same time.  It is our goal to make you feel welcome, safe and comfortable.

OhioSMART has two main events every month at our dungeon space.

If you are interested in attending one of our meetings or events as a guest please review the information below. To RSVP and get directions for any of our events for the first time it is required that you send an email to info@ohiosmart.org . Please include the legal names of all persons attending as it appears on your state ID in the body of the email. You will receive a reply form one of our board members with details and directions to our space.


You do not need to be a member to attend most of our events. Our bi-monthly parties are generally open to members and non-members alike, member only events are separate and kept confidential. You can attend Ohio Smart without commitment for as little as $20.00.  However, when you purchase your membership, you will receive the member rate that evening. 

Cost for First Friday parties:
Admission - Members $10.00
Admission - Non-members $20.00
Admission + membership $50.00

Cost for Third Saturday educational event/party:
Admission - Members $15.00
Admission - Non-members $30.00
Admission + membership $55.00

Cost for Third Saturday party only:
Admission - Members $10.00
Admission - Non-members $20.00
Admission + membership $50.00

Contact Us by email: info@ohiosmart.org  
  or join our group on FetLife.

Hours: First Fridays 9pm-1am, Third Saturdays 7.30pm to 2am